Urban Seeds supports the health of our community by advocating for a quality, robust, and equitable local food system, to increase access to nourishing food for all.


Urban Seeds’ vision is for a strong and vibrant local foods system in Southwest Indiana where farmers can prosper and all people in the community can make healthful food choices.


Growing Strong Local Food Systems

Urban Seeds was founded in 2005 as an urban community garden project. Based in Evansville, Indiana, our 501c3 non-profit organization now works to create food systems that provide access to nourishing foods for all of our community members, with a focus on locally grown produce and locally prepared foods.

We partner with schools, like-minded organizations, children’s centers, shelters, faith-based organizations, businesses and non-profits to create a healthy community, in which all of our neighbors are supported — be it as a food grower, a food producer, or a food consumer. The Evansville area is home to a deep disparity in access to nourishing food that we work to lessen in the coming years, through community partnerships and outreach.

Our Initiatives

  • Urban Seeds is the lead organization for Nourish, Community Food Buying Club
  • We partner with EVPL and Legacy Taste of the Garden to bring Book n’ Cook to our community 
  • We provide cooking demonstrations at community events and to small and large community groups, emphasizing a “shopping and cooking on a budget” theme
  • Urban Seeds has the FNS contract to administer SNAP benefits at the farmers markets
  • We are a proud partner of Healthy Communities Partnership to
    • support our local farmers and food producers by highlighting their abundant harvest
    • offer a pop-up farmers market at the WIC center
    • create new food access points within the Promise Zone

Our Core Values

  • Equality
  • Health
  • Access
  • Community Connectivity & Collaboration
  • Education
  • Experiences
  • Dignity

With gratitude we thank the following organizations for their financial support