Urban Seeds at Mesker Zoo

Urban Seeds is excited to spend April 20 at Mesker Zoo to celebrate Earth Day at their Party for the Planet event!

We will have plants and seeds for the children attending to plant and bring home. Choices will include tomato plants, pea seeds, or cucumber seeds. Growing food is an excellent way to teach our children where our food comes from and to involve them with what is served on the table. We hope you get a chance to come see all the wonderful organizations that will be participating in the event – please come by and say hi to us!

In an interest to save resources we created an electronic link for care instructions on the plants and seeds planted. Thank you for visiting if this is why you are here! The pots that the plants are in are fully compostable. This means that when you are transplanting them you can plant the entire pot! Easy peasy! All of these plants can be transplanted into a larger pot or directly into a garden. Plants will do better with a fertile soil and mulching to help retain moisture in the soil.

Tomato Plants: Put plant in a sunny location, let soil dry between watering, transplant before plant outgrows it’s current pot (roughly 6 inches tall) into well drained soil, stake plant to prevent it from falling over. Tomatoes are ready to pick when they are red and firm.

Pea Seeds: Put in a sunny location (peas prefer cool weather), keep soil moist, once plant is a few inches tall it can be transplanted to a well drained area, as it grows it can be staked. Peas are ready to pick when small and tender – they can be eaten pod and all.

Cucumber seeds: Put in a sunny, warm location and keep soil moist. Once the plant is a few inches tall it can be transplanted into a sunny area (cucumbers like heat). Keep soil moist and support vines with a trellis or by tying them up on a fence or railing.

We hope you enjoy your garden goodies! Thank you for visiting Urban Seeds!

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