Try it Tuesday! Shiitake Mushroom Pasta

This recipe can be used with any mushrooms you have.  Shiitake mushrooms are extremely hearty and can be a great meat replacement or as a delicious side dish for your main course.

Shiitake Mushroom Pasta


1.5 Cups Sliced Mushrooms

2 Cups Spinach (or other greens)

2 TBS Butter or Oil of Choice

1 TBS Garlic

2 Cups Pasta of Choice

Parmesan Cheese (Optional)


Cook pasta according to directions.  Heat butter/oil in a medium heat skillet and add in mushrooms; stir occasionally until browned.  Add in greens and garlic stirring continually until the greens are cooked down. Salt and pepper to taste.  Add mushrooms to pasta and optionally top with parmesan cheese.

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