Sunbutter and Banana Quesadilla – Revamping the EVSC “Take and Go” Meal Boxes

Sunbutter might be an unfamiliar ingredient to you and your family but it is quite tasty!  It’s extremely similar to peanut butter but is usually less sweet. This recipe can be customized easily for your family’s taste.  This is one serving. Ingredients marked with * are items contained in the box.

1 Packet of Tortillas (Contains 2)*

1 Packet of Sunbutter (About 2 tablespoons)*

1 Banana (can also use raisins, sliced strawberries, apple slices, or fruit of choice)

1 tablespoon oil of choice

Heat a skillet on med high heat.  Add in oil.

Spread sunbutter on one tortilla. Slice banana and place in a layer on top of sunbutter. Place second tortilla on top and push them together.  Place in heated skillet and flip once the tortilla is browned.  Brown the other side and remove.  Cut into quarters before serving.

Other ingredients that can be added – honey, cinnamon, cocoa powder.

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