Mindful Meals

Mindfulness: “Non-judgmental awareness of what is happening in the present moment”; “a place of observation”

Start with shopping

  • Mindfulness around shopping and the environment
  • What type of food is affordable? Favored? Familiar?
  • “Buy your food from a farm, not from a factory”
  • Meal planning is the key to efficient shopping!

Onto the Preparation: How does mindfulness show up in food prep?

  • Go Zen!
  • In other words, turn off the phone and TV!
  • Admire the colors and aromas, mix with your fingers
  • Share the prep with family or your sweetie or friend

And finally, Eating

  • Eat What You Love
  • What does eating with mindfulness look like?
  • Savor the Flavor
  • Sit to eat!
  • Gratitude Blessing
  • Inhale, observe, anticipate
  • Tastes, textures, flavors
  • Affirmations: “I nourish myself with a variety of foods” (i.e. there is no “good” food or “bad” food)


  • Serve from the kitchen, bring plated meal to the table
  • Split the meal; take home the rest
  • Savor the flavor, lets your brain be on the same page as your stomach
  • 80-20 Rule
  • What are the benefits of eating mindfully?

Remember the definition, and become an observer…what about finding yourself in front of the fridge at 9 o’clock at night, eating ice cream out of the container? Or eating quickly so you can have a second helping? Don’t judge, observe…Mind

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