The goal of the Nourish program as a community food buying club is to increase access to nutrient-dense foods, kitchen tools, cooking and nutrition resources. Nourish purchases can be made through an online platform offering 12 different low-price grocery bundles for purchase with bi-weekly pick up at Trinity United Methodist Church in downtown Evansville. Nourish purchases are SNAP eligible. Contact our Nourish Coordinator, Tom Zeta to learn more and register as a member!

In addition to providing fresh, affordable food, Nourish members collect incentive points by attending cooking and nutrition classes, completing surveys, and returning reusable bags. Incentive points can then be used toward new kitchen tools and small appliances.

Urban Seeds is excited to have launched a new offering, Local Picks, in August 2023. Local Picks is a $10 bundle of fresh produce sourced from local farms with 4-6 seasonal fruits and vegetables. We look forward to developing stronger relationships with ranchers and growers to increase our share of local food offered through the Nourish program.

In partnership with the Vanderburgh County Health Department, Urban Seeds also provides qualifying participants in the diabetes prevention program with a free fresh produce bag, ProduceRX, a bi-weekly produce prescription. Contact Jennifer Healey or Jami Carlson with VCHD for more information.