Twilight Dairy

Twilight Dairy is the home of a small herd of contented, grass-fed cows who produce the rich raw milk used to produce their yogurt and cheese.

The processing plant is family owned and operated and work is closely monitored by plant owner John E. and his very dedicated helpers.

All ingredients are listed on the label— nothing hidden, no artificial colors or flavors-nor any so-called “natural” flavors. Customers love the fact that the cheese and yogurts are pure; flavored only with the real thing. Their cheeses are aged (not pasteurized) for better nutrition and better flavors. The yogurt is no exception. Each batch is carefully mixed and monitored to ensure the highest quality.

You can visit the small dairy shoppe on the farm where you will discover more items, including butter, cottage cheese, and chocolate milk. Farm fresh eggs, frozen chicken, turkey, pork and summer sausage all come from local farms, as well as maple syrup and honey.

(765) 569-5677

603 S 350 W
Rockville, IN 47872

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