Joy Lane Produce

Andrew & Heather Spray are the owners of Joy Lane Produce.  They built a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse in late 2015. Beautiful lettuces are their main crop, but they also grow other leafy greens including kale, arugula, collards, mustards, and spinach, as well as a couple of herbs. Some products may only be offered on a seasonal basis. Their quonset style greenhouse houses a 30′ x 128′ growing area, in which the environment is tightly controlled to maintain optimal growing conditions. Plants receive all nutrients through a mineral nutrient solution that continually bathes the root system.  Hydroponic produce offers supreme nutritional benefits compared to soil-grown produce, uses 1/4 of the water, is not affected by insects or soil-born diseases, and lasts much longer than other produce due to the roots ball which is left on.

Their produce is available in Evansville at the Franklin Street Bazaar and Mayse Farm Market. It is also used by many restaurants in the area.  Scheduled group tours of the greenhouse can be arranged.

(618) 445-7030

2129 Illinois Route 130
West Salem, IL

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