Four Rivers Farm

Four Rivers farm specializes in grass-fed beef, chicken, and pork, as well as eggs.

100% Grass-Fed

Our animals eat fresh grass in the pastures whenever possible. In the colder months, or in drought conditions, the animals are supplied healthy hay and forage nutritious diet. Our goal is to build the soil to thrive and raise the healthiest animal possible.

GMO Free

Our animals are raised without feeding any genetically modified grains.

Humanely Raised

We believe all animals should be treated with respect. Our flocks and herds are diligently cared for as we teach husbandry to the younger generations. Our animals have access to a wholesome and nutritious diet, exercise and are handled with gentleness.

No Antibiotics and No Hormones

Animals raised without implanted growth hormones and routine antibiotics in their feed take longer to finish. We believe this added risk to raise healthy food is worth the wait.  Our farming practices raise healthy animals, so there is no need for routine antibiotics and medications.  If an animal’s immune system is weakened for any reason and falls prey, the farmer will give homeopathic remedies and exhaust all resources to stop the suffering and build the immune system back to health.

No pesticides or herbicides

All of our products are grown on Indiana farms without herbicides or insecticides.

Pasture Raised

Our animals are raised in a pasture or field where they are free to roam, graze, and forage.

Supplemented with Non GMO Grains

The grain we grow or purchase is local Non-GMO, Organic, or Open Pollinated Heirloom. When our animals are provided free-choice non-GMO whole grains such as oats, barley, or corn, you can be confident it is from a healthy source.

(812) 403-3145

11371 E. 975 S.
Lynnville, IN, 47619

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