Dessert $150
Side Dish $500
Salad $750
Entree $1,000
Full Dinner $2,500
Level of Giving
Second Helping, Any Amount via

Urban Seeds continues to create equitable food access in our community and we invite you to support us in our achievements. Throughout the year, there will be families without access to nourishing food or the experience to prepare a family meal using whole food ingredients. We believe that it is imperative to address these opportunties. Our mission is to provide all people with sustainable access to nourishing food and we are working tirelessly towards this goal.

We are expanding our reach in our community but cannot do so without your financial help. Our fall/winter campaign is to Fill Their Plate and we invite you to support us in this effort.

Our signature program, Nourish, has been instrumental in bridging the gap in access to healthy foods. Urban Seeds, along with several community partners organized this Community Food Buying Club to provide
nutritious food to families at a significant cost savings. Nourish seeks to not just feed people but to feed them delicious, nutrient-dense food that is easily accessible. This rapidly growing program also provides an education component for its members to ensure the program creates an environment that fosters success and resilience for the members.

Nourish member Melody says:
“I combined the breaded chicken from the meat box and the spaghetti sauce and mozzarella & Parmesan cheese from the Italian box to make a chicken Parmesan style dish in the air fryer. Served with salad & snap peas. Had dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes.”

Another one of our fantastic programs is Book n’ Cook. In cooperation with our community partners, this program works to promote children’s literacy and family reading, while fostering skills in cooking, and using seasonal, locally grown foods. Participants receive all the items and ingredients necessary to create a recipe that is paired with an engaging story book. This program is offered to 3rd – 5th grade students and has received fantastic feedback by all participants.

A Book n’ Cook parent says: 
“This kind of programming must be a huge undertaking to navigate, and all that effort is not lost on my family. My son has a congenital heart defect and is at high risk for covid. He has had virtually no life for the last year, and it really took a toll on his mental health at just 8. Programs like this are keeping him connected and plugged in with other kids, and I appreciate it more than you know.”

We ask that you donate to Urban Seeds to allow us to achieve our goal to Fill Their Plate for all of the families in our community.

Your donation of any amount goes directly to Urban Seeds and allows us to have a lasting impact on access to nourishing food.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.