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Nourish Our Community!

Your donation today will help us to create a quality, equitable, and robust food system, increasing access to healthy, nourishing food for all. Any amount is appreciated, and a recurring monthly donation is especially appreciated as it allows us financial stability to plan and implement our impact initiatives.

Your $25 donation will help to Seed programming and education content development. 

Your $50 donation will Germinate the purchase of ingredients for the various community events at which we are invited to provide a “healthy alternative” to traditionally offered foods. 

Your $100 donation will Sprout the engagement of 6 community families to participate in our signature “Shopping and Cooking on a Budget” classes.

Your $250 donation will Bloom within our community as 15 families will engage in our nutrition and cooking education programming.

Your $500 donation will Pollinate the numerous seeds we’ve planted and will continue to sow, creating  vibrant well-being within our community.

Your $1500 donation will allow for full Harvest of Urban Seeds’ mission and vision, by providing much needed behind-the-scenes funding for staff development, infrastructure, and organizational development necessary to sustain a vibrant nonprofit organization. 

Any amount is appreciated!

Your recurring monthly donation allows us to implement impactful community engagement with confidence of our funding stream. Please consider a $5, $10, $15, or $20 recurring monthly donation in support of Urban Seeds’ collaborative outreach and effective programming. Thank you.

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