The Beef Farmer and the Vegetarian: Q&A with Joseph Fischer

Few things can make people as passionately opinionated as nutrition choices and environmental issues. While these topics are philosophical for many of us, they’re the cornerstone of Joseph Fischer’s livelihood at the sixth generation Fischer Farms located near Jasper, IN.  Full disclosure: I haven’t eaten meat since 2015. Vegetarianism seems to work best for managing […]

Comparing Apples to Apples: A Chat With Countryside Orchard’s Kristi Schulz

When you look at Kristi Schulz’s background, you’ll see she’s listed as a “former science teacher,” but it doesn’t take long to realize Kristi is both educating and utilizing science every day in her role as an owner of Countryside Orchard.  If you’re unfamiliar with Countryside Orchard, you may know it by another name: Engelbrecht’s. […]